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It's no secret - I love my work.  For me, real job satisfaction comes from helping my clients achieve lasting results. Discover what I can do for you!

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business transformation

Change is probably the most over-used word in consultancy. But one thing remains true. An ability to initiate, integrate and implement change determines success for your organisation.   Business transformation doesn’t just happen if you click your heels three times and think of Kansas. Lasting change requires care and consistency.

I've designed and delivered complex transformation programmes across multiple organisations and industries. This experience means I get the challenges and the opportunities that doing things ‘a different way’ can mean for your business. If you want to embrace change, rather than wrestle with it, I  can help.

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planning & facilitation

There is an African proverb -‘Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today’.  That's a lot like planning for transformation. A good plan keeps an eye on the future while lodging itself firmly in the present. Thinking that works because it underpins clarity of purpose with careful preparation.
Planning for change is complex, but it does not have to be complicated.  So, if you know where you want to be as a business, but aren't sure how to get there, I can help you articulate your ambitions, create a solid plan and bring your change programme to life. 

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stakeholder engagement

Brilliant ideas don’t guarantee commercial success. Having a vision is simply the first step. To deliver any new transformation, it’s vital to consider the people and processes you need to make this happen across your business. If you can’t identify the ‘who’ or the ‘how’, it’s going to be like riding a bicycle without wheels. Uncomfortable. And you won’t get very far.
 Authentic stakeholder engagement builds consensus and ownership, and has the power to deliver very real results for your organisation. One size does not fit all. 
 If you are interested in a bespoke solution that won’t break the bank, talk to me.